Flowscreed - Medium Duty Epoxy Screed


Product Description


Flowscreed is a three-component coloured epoxy resin mortar for application to industrial floors which are subject to heavy traffic and light chemical attack. Flowscreed is trowel applied at 4 - 6 mm or above and can therefore be used to repair badly damaged concrete floors.

Flowscreed is ideal for floors where a high level of abrasion resistance is required such as production and packaging areas, industrial manufacturing and storage areas, engineering workshops, warehouses and aerospace and automotive industries.


Lightly textured coloured finish with a speckled appearance (unsealed)


Concrete and polymer modified sand/cement screeds.


Typically 4 - 6 mm.

Specification Detail

1. Flowprime T.C. 200-300g/m² depending on porosity.

2. Flowscreed 2kg/m² per 1mm thickness.

3. Flowgrout 250g/m²

4. Top coat (a choice from the Virtus range of coatings)

Application Advice

Pre-mix the coloured resin component before use. Add the hardener component to the coloured resin component and mix using a low speed electric mixer (200 - 500 rpm) for 1 - 2 minutes until homogeneous.
Adding the Aggregate:
Decant the mixture into a rotary drum mixer and add the aggregate component in stages, mixing for a minimum of 3 minutes until a uniform coloured, lump-free mix is obtained.
Spread the mixture to the required thickness, compact and trowel smooth using a steel float. Avoid excessive tooling which may lead to ‘trowel burn’ or resin rich spots.
Curing Schedule:
Working life of full packs is 25 minutes. Overcoat time for seal coats is 12 hours. Foot traffic is 24 hours. Heavy traffic is 72 hours. Full cure is 7 days.
Approximately 2 kg/m2 is required per 1 mm thickness. For example, at 4 mm thickness 8 kg/m² is required plus wastage.
Flowscreed requires sealing, especially when used in wet environments. Apply Flowgrout to the cured Flowscreed mortar to fully grout and seal the surface. When cured, over-coat with the appropriate finish coat.

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