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Duraproof Topcoat

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Application of Duraproof Topcoat:
To the dry and primed surface, apply a generous coat of Duraproof by brush or roller at the specified spreading rate as stated. The substrate and ambient temperature for the application of the system must be between 2°C and 35°C.
DO NOT APPLY to frozen or damp surfaces or in hot direct sunlight or coating may skin. Work away from the area immediately being applied and toward a suitable escape access. Do not walk on newly coated surface whilst application is in progress.
Application of Scrim:
Reinforcing Scrim is embedded into the wet Duraproof avoiding creasing. Adjacent lengths of the reinforcement must overlap by 5cm for repairs. Finish with one coat of Duraproof.

Smooth, cold applied rubber based waterproofing topcoat for a longer lasting seamless coating.

Just one coat over primed surfaces.


  • Exceptional durability and performance up to ten years
  • Cold applied - no hot works on roof
  • Ready to use
  • Works instantly
  • A single coat system developed over primed surfaces for larger-all-over roofs where greater life expectancy is needed
  • Flexible, highly elastic solvent-based single pack coating with excellent adhesion to almost any wall or roof substrate
  • Rainfall immediately after application has no adverse effect
  • Excellent UV and resistance to movement of the substrate
  • Fast curing, can be applied at low temperatures


Weatherproof        Exterior               UV-resistant


Grey, Black and Solar Reflective White.

Pack Size

5 and 20 litre containers

Suitable Substrates

  • Ready for use on all Primed Surfaces: Flat Roofs, Pitched Roofs, Weathered Asphalt and Bituminous Surfaces, Gutters, Concrete, Brickwork, Fibreglass and GRP, Felted Surfaces, Fibrous Cement Corrugated Cladding, Sheeting and Guttering, Metal (Galvanised, Ferrous and Non-Ferrous), Old Lead, Existing Painted Surfaces and EPDM.
  • OSB/Plywood and Wooden Substrates (must be taped and fully scrimmed and an additional coat of Durashield added) - see Typical Spreading Rates.
  • Fibrous cement corrugated sheeting and skylight surrounds must be reinforced with scrim to laps and around ALL fixings (see Scrim Recommendation).
  • Can be roller or brush applied.

Not for use on Walkways, Balconies, tanking, fish and aquatic ponds, plasticised PVC (Plastisol) new lead, slate or internal use.


Repairs to Substrate

Including splits, cracks, joints, seals and crazed areas.

  • Repair faults in the surface by using a high quality waterproof mastic/filler.
  • Apply Duraproof system to repaired areas incorporating Reinforcing Scrim overlapping by 5cm.

Scrim Recommendation

  • Apply Reinforcing Scrim to all areas which can be ponded.
  • Reinforcing Scrim must be used on all upstands, curves, skylight bases and rainwater outlets.
  • Reinforcing Scrim to be used on all gutter expansion joints.
  • Reinforcing Scrim to be used on all repaired areas.

For fibrous corrugated concrete sheeting and skylight surrounds:

  • Apply to both horizontal and vertical laps including around ALL fixings. Before starting, carefully tighten any fixings that may be loose.
  • When reinforcing the horizontal laps, ensure the reinforcement follows the profile of the sheet exactly, eliminating any possibility of air pockets being trapped under the reinforcement.
  • Any cracking within the sheets should also be reinforced.
  • Finish with an additional coat of Duraproof over the scrimmed area.


All roof substrates require priming with Duraproof Primer before overcoating with Duraproof.

See Primer Guide for the following substrates.

These surfaces should be cleaned prior to applying Duraproof:

Highly Porous/Friable Surfaces

Felted surfaces, fibrous concrete corrugated cladding, sheeting and guttering should be primed with Duraproof Primer (see separate technical data sheet).

Fibrous concrete corrugated sheeting

Two coats of Duraproof Primer must always be applied to this substrate.

Concrete and Masonry

Prime with Duraproof Primer.

OSB/Plywood and Wooden Substrates

OSB/Plywood, wooden substrates and insulation board must be treated with a 50mm wide strip of Tape (any other tape must be adhesion tested before use). A continuous surface should be created before commencing with the application of Duraproof Primer (see separate technical data sheet).

Weathered Asphalt and Bituminous surfaces

Prime with Duraproof Primer.

Note: discolouration can occur over Weathered Asphalt or Bituminous Surfaces. An extra coat may therefore be required for decorative purposes.



All ferrous metals should be primed with Metal Primer (see separate technical data sheet).


No primer required on old lead, sheet/valleys.


Aluminium, Copper and Galvanised Steel

These should be primed with 1 Pack Etching Primer (see separate technical data sheet).

Fibreglass and GRP

Prime with Duraproof Primer.

Previously Painted or Coated Substrates

Prime with Duraproof Primer.


Prime with Duraproof Primer.

Note: It is good practice to inspect and carry out adhesion tests on any existing coating or substrate prior to application of the coating.

Drying Time

Duraproof Primer

Duraproof Primer can take up to 1 day to cure but can be over coated when dry.

Duraproof Topcoat

Surfaces must be COMPLETELY DRY prior to application of Duraproof.

  • Up to 8 hours or overnight depending on temperature and conditions.
  • Full cure: up to 7 days.
  • The product may remain slightly soft for a further period depending on climatic conditions; this is not detrimental to the waterproofing qualities of the product.



Metal Surfaces: unreinforced over Metal

 Minimum Topcoat/m2

 0.8 lt

Smooth Surfaces: Smooth Felt, Carrier Membrane,Fibreglass and GRP, Weathered Asphalt or Bituminous Surfaces, Concrete, and Fibrous Cement

 1.0 lt

OSB/Plywood and Wooden Substrates (must be taped and fully scrimmed)

 1.0 lt/m2 as Embedment Coat; 0.75 lt/m2 as Topcoat

Intermediate: Intermediate Mineral Felt, Weathered Asphalt or Bituminous Surfaces and Fibrous Cement

 1.25 lt


Rough: Rough Mineral Felt, Weathered Asphalt or Bituminous Surfaces, fibrous Cement.

 1.5 lt

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