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Easycoat - Epoxy Floor Paint

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Add full contents of hardener container to full contents of resin container and mix with a slow speed stirrer for at least 2 minutes.
Apply by short or medium nap roller from a paint tray. Push the resin well into the surface making sure the floor is fully wetted and then pull back lightly with the roller to the required thickness.
Coverage Rates - Normal Substrate:
1st coat would require 0.32kg/m2 and second coat would require 0.28kg/m2
Coverage Rates - Porous Uneven Substrate:
1st coat would require 0.48kg/m2 and second coat would require 0.42kg/m2.
Cure Schedule @ 20C°:
Pot life: 30-45 minutes. Initial cure time: 10-12 hours. Intercoat period: 16-24 hours. Foot traffic: 16-24 hours. Full cure: 7 days.

Easycoat is our high build, easy to apply epoxy floor paint. It is a two pack, solvent free, hard wearing and is available in a range of attractive colours. It is designed to give excellent abrasion and chemical resistance. It is a thick resin and can be applied up to 1mm thick. Even on rough and uneven concrete, Easycoat cures to a smooth, gloss / slightly silky, easily cleanable surface finish, capable of withstanding the toughest of factory conditions.

Suitable Surfaces

Concrete, Grano and Steel


  • Fast Cure ( (please consult Fast Cure Data Sheet for further information such as: pot life, application temperatures etc.)
  • LTC - Low-temperature Curing. Easycoat LTC may be applied at temperatures as low as 5°C (please consult LTC Data Sheet for further information such as: pot life, application temperatures etc. )

Typical Installations

  • Floors in processing and manufacturing plants.
  • Frequent fork lift truck traffic areas
  • Factories and warehousing
  • Commercial garages, vehicle repair and maintenance depots
  • Aircraft hangers
  • Food preparation and storage areas

Easycoat is used in areas where a good wearing and chemical resistant surface is required, such as chemical plant storage areas, laboratories, breweries and general vehicle repair garages.


  • Can withstand tough industrial conditions
  • Easy to apply
  • Gives a hygienic, seamless floor finish which is easy to clean
  • Low odour
  • Solvent free
  • Will not support bacterial growth.
  • Can be made decorative with the addition of Virtus PVA Flakes scattered into the wet resin, once dry, sand down any protruding or Flake edges and seal with Easycoat Clear.
  • Can be made anti slip with the addition of Virtus Anti-slip Aggregate scattered into the first coat of wet resin.

Usage: Indoor (some colour change would occur if used outdoors)

Resistant to: A wide range of acids and other chemicals.

Not Suitable For: Walls

Coverage: 20 - 25 square metres per 5kg

Coats Required: Two coats are usually required

Drying Time: Normally 16 hours at 20oc for foot traffic

Cleaning: Hot water jet washing, detergents, scrubber dryers.

Thickness: Up to 1 mm

Primer: Easycoat does not normally require a primer. On very weak or porous concrete, it is advisable to prime with Flowprime SF.

Surface Preparation

Surfaces to be treated must be sound free from oil or other contaminants, flaky paints, laitance and dust. Smooth and dense surfaces must be mechanically abraded to provide a key and all dust

Technical Data

Easycoat Technical Data Sheet & Colour Chart


 Easycoat LTC and Fast Cure General Information