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Flexicoat - High Build Flexible Polyurethane Coating

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Add the hardener component to the coloured resin and mix using a low speed electric mixer (300-400 rpm) for at least 3 minutes until homogeneous. Decant the mixed material to a second mixing vessel and mix as above for a further minute.
Apply with a medium roller directly from a paint tray. Push the resin well into the surface making sure the floor is fully wetted and then pull back lightly with the roller to the required thickness.
Curing Schedule at 20 ºC:
Working time: 15 minutes. Cure time to light pedestrian traffic: 16-24 hours. Intercoat period: 16-24 hours. Full cure: 7 days.
Coverage Rates:
1st coat: approx 0.5kg/m2. 2nd coat: 0.3kg/m2.

Flexicoat is a flexible, high-build polyurethane floor coating with excellent abrasion and impact resistance and provides a medium duty coating for floors. 

Two coats of Flexicoat provide a build equivalent to almost 10 coats of conventional solvent-containing coatings.

Flexicoat is ideal for surfaces which experience minor movement such as mezzanines or floors which have vibrating machinery on them. Two coats of Flexicoat provide a build equivalent to almost 10 coats of conventional solvent containing coatings.

Flexicoat is a FeRFA Type 3, high-build medium-duty flooring system able to withstand regular foot traffic and frequent fork lift truck traffic.

Typical Installations

Flexicoat HB is suitable for the protection of concrete floors subject to medium duty traffic (regular foot traffic, frequent fork lift truck traffic, occasional hard plastic wheeled trolleys). Typical uses include areas requiring good wear resistance combined with economical cost such as mezzanine industrial floors, floor which hold vibrating machinery, storage areas, plant rooms, warehousing etc.


A medium gloss surface in a range of colours with a slightly stippled finish.

Suitable Substrates

Flexicoat HB can be applied to concrete, polymer modified cementitious screeds, steel, timber and asphalt. 


0.5 mm - 1 mm (depending on the number of coats used)


A 5 kg will cover 8 sqm (2 coats)

Surface Preparation

Inadequate preparation will lead to loss of adhesion and failure. In coatings, there is a tendency for the finish to mirror imperfections in the substrate. For concrete substrates, grinding or light vacuum contained shotblasting is therefore preferred over planing for these systems.

Typical Properties, 7 Days at 23ºC

BS 8204-6 type 3

Mixed density (approximately) 1.6 g/cm3

Shore D hardness 40

Tensile strength (ASTM D412 die C) > 6 N/mm2

Elongation (ASTM D412 die C) > 30 %

Tear strength (ASTM D624) > 8 N/mm

Technical Downloads

Flexicoat Standard Data Sheet & Colour Chart