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Flowdur HF - Heavy Duty Polyurethane Screed

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Mix for a minimum of one minute or to provide a homogeneous mix. The resultant mixture should then be loaded into a rotary drum mixer and the aggregate added in stages until a lump-free mix is obtained.
Apply to pre-primed areas and level with a pin rake as necessary, and lightly touch up with a trowel.
Coverage Rates:
18kg/m2 at 9mm or 12kg/m2 at 6mm.
Curing Schedule at 20ºC @ 9mm:
Usable life of full unit/mix is 15mins. Initial film gel time is 20 mins. Cure time to light traffic is 4-6 hours. Cure time to light wheeled traffic is 12-16 hours. Cure time to heavy duty traffic is 24 hours. Full cure is 7 days.

Flowdur HF is a heavy duty, trowel applied polyurethane floor screed for use on concrete and polymer modified screeds. It's designed with the highest order of durability, impact, abrasion and chemical resistance. It's lightly textures finish makes the product ideal for both wet and dry processing environments such as the food, beverage and chemical industries.


  • Stable to steam cleaning and hot water exposure at a thickness of 9mm.
  • Very high chemical resistance
  • Non-tainting
  • Seamless
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Slip resistant.

Components in the System

  • Resin
  • Hardener
  • Graded Silica Aggregate

Surface Preparation

Inadequate preparation will lead to loss of adhesion and failure. Grinding, light vacuum-contained shot-blasting or planing is recommended. Percussive scabbling or acid etching is not recommended. Anchorage grooves should be cut to a width and depth of twice the thickness of the floor finish at the edges, bay joints, up-stands, drains, doorways and at regular points across the floor, and all debris removed.

Resistant to: Flowdur HF is resistant to a wide range of commonly used chemicals in the food, dairy and pharmaceutical industries such as concentrated citric acid (fruits), spirit vinegar (50% acetic acid), lactic acid (food & dairy products) and common alcohols (methanol & ethanol). Flowdur HF is also resistant to a wide range of inorganic acids, fuels, hydraulic oils, mineral oils and solvents. 

Coverage: 12 kg/m2 at 6 mm or 18 kg/m2 at 9 mm

Drying Time: At 20 degrees, cure time to light pedestrian traffic is 12 hours, light wheeled traffic is 24 hours and heavy duty traffic is 48 hours.

Cleaning: Regular cleaning is essential to enhance and maintain the life expectancy, slip resistance and appearance of the floor. Flowdur HF can be easily cleaned using industry standard cleaning chemicals and techniques. Consult your cleaning chemical and equipment supplier for more information. When applied at 9 mm thickness, Flowdur HF is fully steam cleanable.

Thickness: 6mm or 9mm

Primer: Priming should be carried out using Flowdur Primer.

Technical downloads

Flowdur HF Technical Data Sheet & Colour Chart