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Low-Temperature Cure

Similar to Fast Cure grade but faster cure response with a further reduction in usable life which has a limiting effect over the volume which can be practically mixed and used at any one time.

Resultantly smaller pack sizes are available in this grade.

Again, cured physical and chemical properties are little affected over those for the standard cure product. Typical reductions in hard cure times are approximately 60% over that of the standard product but full cure and resistance to chemical attack will be in the order of 3-5 days compared to 5-7 for the standard cure systems:


Strongcoat Standard cure time @ 20°C - 16 hrs, Usable life @ 20°C - 30-40 mins

Strongcoat LTC cure time @ 20°C - 6 hrs, Usable life @ 20°C - 15 mins

LTC grades may be applied at temperatures ranging from 25°C-5°C. Cure times below 10°C will become extended but still show significant advantage over Standard or Fast Cure grades.