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Mechanical Floor Preparation Hire - Industrial & Heavy Duty

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We provide dust free captive shot blasting, diamond grinding, triple head grinding, single disc grinding, concrete reduction and planing, and re-texturing for all concrete and asphalt surfaces.

  • Dust free cleaning and paint removal from almost any floor surface;
  • Removal of tiles, carpet and the glues and adhesive they leave behind
  • Removal of latex;
  • Cleaning and preparing concrete surfaces before applying a new coating, paint or tiles.
  • Levelling uneven surfaces
  • Texturing concrete to clean off laitance
  • Cleaning and preparing concrete surfaces before applying a new coating, paint or tiles

HTC Hire

A planetary grinder for both concrete grinding and floor preparation.

HTC Greyline™ 450 is a single-phase, planetary grinder with three grinding heads and a counter-rotating grinding wheel for a stabile grinding without lateral forces. It works equally well for concrete grinding and floor prep as it does for grinding/sanding of wooden floors. The machine is divisible for easy transport.

Advantages & Features

  • Easy Grinding - Literally means easy grinding. Select and attach your tools, plug the machine to the wall & start grinding.
  • Easy tool choice - Three standard tools in different grit sizes for removal of coatings and leveling of concrete are all the tools needed, it can’t be easier.
  • Floating Cover - HTC GL™ 450 Comes with a floating cover. The floating cover simplifies handling of the machine and creates a better dust absorption. No need for a separate splash guard.
  • Robust chassis - The robust and sturdy chassis makes the machines perfectly balanced which is important when grinding but also simplifies machine handling for tools change etc.
  • Good working environment - Machines are perfectly balanced during grinding with vibration levels much lower than the threshold values. Sound levels are very low and grinding is more or less dust free.
  • Capable of preparing large areas of floor.
  • Ideal for the removal of resin, paint, screeds and oil contamination.
  • Used in conjunction with our industrial vacuum this will achieve a virtually dust-free preparation


Motor: 1,5 kW, 110V 17.58A
Dimensions: 705mm (L) 490mm (W) 1305mm (H)
Weight: 95kg
Grinding Disc Diameter: 450mm 3 x180mm
RPM 480


The charge includes the weekly hire of:

  • 1 x HTC GL450 triple head high speed diamond grinder (powerful triple headed grinders can be used to grind any hard surface and the variable speed machines can do very fine grinding and even concrete polishing using sets of grinding diamonds of increasingly fine grit to give a very hard, resilient surface, transforming it to mimic granite or marble)
  • 1 x set of diamonds (9 diamonds)
  • 1 x transformer (5KVA 32amp)
  • 1 x lead (32amp 4mm thick 14m long)
  • 1 x vaccuum with CFM hose and wand
  • 1 x transformer and lead for use with the vaccuum

Technical Data

Instructions & Safety Advice