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Reecote EC020 - Bund Lining Paint

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6.50 KGS
The entire contents of the curing agent, component B, should be added to the entire contents of the resin pack, component A. Mixing should be carried out by drill with a suitable mixing attachment and continued until a uniform colour is achieved (2-3
Apply the mixed material to the suitable prepared floor by brush or roller. Two coats are usually applied, with the second coat being applied as soon as the first is touch dry. If this is not possible and the second coat is to be applied after 24 hou
Coverage Rates:
Coverage 325g/m2. Single Application Coverage is given as a guide only as the exact coverage will vary from floor to floor.
Curing Schedule:
At 20 degrees, pot life is 30 mins. Waiting time between coats is 24 hours. Final drying times is 1 day for foot traffic. Lightly serviceable is 2 days and fully serviceable is 7 days.

Reecote EC02000 improves safety in chemical spillage areas. It is two pack, thick epoxy resin paint which is highly chemical resistant. It is suitable for where a hard wearing, solvent free paint is required which has excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals. It has excellent adhesion to most surfaces without the need for a primer.

Suitable Surfaces: Concrete, metal, polymer modified cementitious screeds

FeRFA Type 

Type 3

Typical Installations

  • Chemical Bunds
  • Chemical storage areas
  • Chemical containment areas
  • Floors and walls

Paint Advantages

  • Even on rough and uneven floors, it will cure to give a smooth, easy to clean surface.
  • Excellent chemical resistance.
  • Hygienic, seamless finish.
  • Low odour
  • Solvent free
  • Will not support bacterial growth.
  • Can be made anti slip with the incorporation of Virtus Anti Slip Aggregate

Usage: Indoor (some colour change would occur if used outdoors)

Resistant to: A wide range of acids and other chemicals.

Coverage: 20 square metres per 5kg

Coats Required: Two coats are usually required

Drying Time: Normally 16 hours at 20oc for foot traffic

Cleaning: Hot water jet washing, detergents and mechanical scrubber dryers.

Thickness: Up to 1 mm

Primer: A primer is not normally required.

Floor Preparation

Surfaces to be treated must be sound free from oil or other contaminants, flaky paints, laitance and dust. Smooth and dense surfaces must be mechanically abraded to provide a key and all dust