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Reecote PC250 - High Build Epoxy Coating

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3.00 KGS
Surface Preparation:
Reecote PC250 H.B. does not normally require the use of a primer. When treating extremely weak or porous concrete it is advisable to prime with Reeprime PU prime
; the full contents of the hardener are to be added to the full contents of the resin container and mixed with a slow stirrer for one minute. Then add the full contents of the aggregate bag slowly and mix for a further 1-2 minutes until a lump-f
Apply by medium nap roller directly from a paint tray. Push to resin well into the surface, making sure the floor is fully wetted, then pull back lightly with the roller to the required thickness.
Coverage Rates:
Coverage 1st coat 173g/m² approx 0.130mm 2nd coat 150g/m² approx 0.115mm
Curing Schedule:
At 20 degrees, pot life is 15 minutes. Initial film cure is 60 minutes. Foot traffic 24 hours. Full cure 5 days.

Reecote PC250 is a solvent free high build coating which provides excellent resistances to abrasion, chemical attack and other physical aggression.

Reecote PC250 suitable for use in areas requiring good wear and chemical resistance combined with economical cost. Ideal situations include chemical storage areas, warehousing, toilets, laboratories, and food preparation areas.

FeRFA Type

Type 2


  • Hygienic
  • Easy Clean Finish
  • Good Chemical Resistance
  • Choice of Colour
  • Fast Curing


1st coat 173g/m² approx

2nd coat 150g/m² approx

Curing Schedule

Cure time for foot traffic is 24 hours and full cure is 5 days.


No primer is required before the application of Reecote PC250. Itis recommended that some sort of mechanical preparation is carried out before any epoxy or polyurethane coating is applied.