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Resin Bond Stone Kit

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Our Resin Bond Stone System provides an attractive, colored, heavy duty anti-skid surface for industrial and commercial environments.  It gives good slip resistance for pedestrian, wheeled and vehicular traffic.  It is ideal for driveways, pathways, decorative gardens, poolsides as well as industrial uses. This polyurethane floor coating is suitable for both interior and exterior applications. It excellent adhesion to concrete, stone, wood and metal and provides resistance to harsh chemicals.  It can be easily cleaned with a low pressure hose, rotary scrubber dryer or wet vacuum. 


Textured Aggregate

Features & Benefits

  • Easy 1 coat high build application
  • Coarse anti slip finish for floors, stairs, platforms, hallways, entrance ways and ramps
  • Provides extra traction in areas of severe slip hazard, even when wet or oily
  • Heavy duty formula withstands constant foot and wheeled traffic
  • Chemical resistant
  • Virtually solvent free
  • Kit covers approximately 7 sqm
  • Ready for light traffic in 20 hours (at 20oc)
  • Easily applied by Roller, and Paint Brush 
  • Applied as one coat fully broadcast with anti slip aggregate
  • Resistant to spills from a wide range of acids and alkalis

Typical Uses

  • Car parks
  • Pathways, poolside, decorative gardens
  • Ramps, loading bays and walkways
  • External and partly external areas
  • Emergency exits & access points
  • Wet or greasy floor surfaces
  • Bridge decks and roads
  • Rail platforms and footbridges
  • Ferry port linkspans and ship ramps
  • Helipads and offshore walkways

Pack Contents

Total Pack weight is 54 kg this is made up of:

1 x 29 kg Resin

1 x 25 kg Aggregate 


1.8 kg/m2 per mm thickness

Total coverage dependent upon thickness.

The applied thickness should be approximately half the nominal particle size of the broadcast aggregate.