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Welcome to Epoxy Resin Suppliers

We offer a range of high performance floor, wall and roof paints and coatings; concrete and tarmac repair products; expansion joint materials; levelling resin screed and anti slip paints.

If you’re looking for industrial grade epoxy and polyurethane products from a FeRFA (Federation of Resin Flooring Association) quality assured, UK based manufacturer – then you’ve landed on the right page! Resin flooring products and resin floor systems come in a wide range of different types, with many different application and performance characteristics. Resin floors can be suitable for use in a range of industrial and domestic environments; to provide new or upgraded floor finishes in garages, workshops, factory production facilities (for wet and dry process areas), for hygienic production areas and clean rooms, plus nuclear and other power production or transmission facilities, logistics and distribution centres or warehouses, showrooms and other retail, display and exhibition areas.

In other words resin flooring has almost unlimited uses and provides a very efficient and cost effective solution for the floor finishes of almost every type of building and structure.